Born into an artistic Swiss-German family in 1972, Michèle Heibel spent most of her childhood years in Switzerland's Bernese countryside.
In 1983, after extensive travels, her family made the decision to settle permanently in Australia.  

Throughout her schooling, Michèle's interest in art never wavered and in 1991 she attained her Diploma of Graphic Design at North Sydney's Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts

Upon graduating she found her first full-time position in Sydney's CBD as a designer in Kerry Packer's publishing empire and went on to  work in the industry as a Designer and Art Director for the following eighteen years.

In 2009 Michèle’s need to return to her artistic roots and the rural lifestyle she had known as a child became overwhelming. Within the space of a year she left her job, became a mother, relocated to the Hunter Valley Wine Country and began creating her unique artworks by hand.

These delicate artworks are created using only a needle and possess a whimsical quality that will often belie a serious message within.

'I've found that the subjects I feel most deeply about, that I might find overwhelming to discuss or debate,
become somehow more manageable when focused into the point of a pin and contained in a miniature space

Picture credit: Nicole Spears